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Wireless Alarm System

Wireless Alarm Systems for Home

Leading brands Bosch, DSC, Risco and Connect O2 Home Security Alarm systems all off a wireless home alarm system range.

Wireless alarm systemsBosch 3000 Wireless Alarm SystemBosch 6000 Wireless Alarm System

A fully wireless alarm system requires no cabling of the security motion detectors or sirens back to the main control panel.

A partly wireless alarm system offers wireless components such as movement detectors, glass breaks and reed switches with connect to the alarm system via a signal from a wireless receiver back to the main control panel.

Bosch Security and NX offer a partly wireless alarm system.

DSC, Risco and Connect offers a fully wireless alarm system, including wireless siren options.

Benefits of having a fully wireless alarm system.

Reduced installation cost, due to reduced labour on the installation and wiring of alarm system components

Quicker installation time

Reliability of detectors, a message is sent to the panel if the wireless device batteries are running low.

Ideal alarm system for renters, ability to take the alarm system with you.

Smartphone alarm system app

High ceilings where exposed wiring would not be desirable a wireless detector is often a better solution

Wiring of external and internal sirens in apartments can be problematic due to the walls and ceilings being solid brick with no internal cavity.

Bosch alarm systems allow you to have a combination of both Wired and Wireless devices, making it ideal for garages, split level rooms where cabling would be difficult to get to.

The Bosch Solution alarm systems offer wireless devices including wireless detectors, reed switches, glass breaks on the following panels

Bosch Solution 3000, Bosch Solution 6000, Bosch does not offer a wireless siren, this will need to be hard wired back to the main control panel, or alternatively a silent alarm monitored by either a control room or smartphone app.

Bosch Wireless detectors have a Pet Friendly option of either 13kg or 45kg, depending upon whether you choose the Tritech version, which is 45kg.

The Bosch 3000 Wireless alarm system offers a choice of four different code pad styles, Icon Code Pad, Text Code Pad, 5" Touch Screen and 7" Touch Screen option.

Two styles of remote controls for each code pad option, stylish slimline codepad detectors and a smartphone app available with the connection module.

The Bosch 6000 Wireless Alarm systems offers three styles of code pads, and two code pad colour options.

Wireless alarm systemsRisco Wireless Alarm SystemDSC Wireless Alarm SystemConnect O2 Wireless Alarm System

Fully Wireless Control Panel

Fully Wireless Keypad

Fully Wireless Detectors

Wireless Remote Controls

Smartphone App for Self Monitoring of alarm system

Risco Security alarm system offers a fully wireless alarm solution with choice of connection between GSM or ethernet to your control panel.

No wiring is required for this system and is ideal for people renting, giving the option of using removable tape on detectors so no marks are made on the walls.

The Risco Wireless alarm system also offers camera detection providing a snap shot of images from detector cameras, which are sent straight to your smartphone device.This capability enables users to view the images and confirm if there is a crime in progress.

The DSC home alarm systems offers a fully wireless alarm solution with choice of addtional accessories included in their packages.

Connect O2 offers a fully wireless alarm solution with a choice of connections back to the control panel through the GSM network or via your home ethernet connection.

Risco and DSC and Connect O2 Alarm system offer a fully wireless solution for the detectors, siren and accessories.