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Expander Boards

Bosch Solution 6000 Expander Boards, GSM modules, IP modules, pcb board, output expanders, time clock module, relay boards, all designed to expand up the Solution 6000 control board, making it an ideal business alarm solution.

Looking for a security alarm system that has flexible installation and is fully expandable to 144 zones?

The Solution 6000 from Bosch Security, offers you the perfect solution for your home or business security, simple to to use.

The Bosch Solution 6000 alarm system comes equipped with sixteen zones for hard wired or wireless devices.

Alarm Features

The Solution 6000 from Bosch Security features 16 zones for hard wired or wireless devices plus iFob Smartphone app to arm or disarm your alarm system from your smartphone through the IP or GSM network options. 

The Bosch Solution 6000 security alarm system offers flexible code pad styles a range of motion detector options to keep your home or business safe and secure 24/7. 

The optional iFob Smartphone app gives users total alarm system control in the palm of their hand, arm or disarm your alarm system from your smartphone, through the IP or GSM network options.


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Bosch Professional Tritech Detector

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