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Bosch Solution 2000

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Frequently Asked Questions | Bosch Solution 2000

  • The Bosch Solution 2000 is a comprehensive security alarm system designed to protect homes, businesses, and other premises against unauthorised entry, burglary, and other security threats. 8 Zone alarm system, simple and easy to use, available in multiple code pad styles.

The Bosch 2000 alarm system packages typically includes a control panel, code pad, motion sensors, sirens, and power supplies.

Our alarm system kits generally comprise of two motion sensors, a choice between STD, Quad or a Pet friendly Tritech motion sensors.

Window/ door reeds and remote controls can be added onto the package.

The security system is armed and disarmed using a keypad or remote control. When armed, sensors detect unauthorised entry or movement, triggering the alarm. The system can also be integrated with a back to base monitoring services for added security.

Yes, the Bosch Solution 2000 system is expandable, allowing users to add additional sensors, keypads, sirens, and other peripherals as needed to customize the security setup according to their requirements.

It is however only limited to 8 zones, no wireless devices can be added onto this system. Remote controls can be added.

False alarms can occur due to various reasons such as sensor misalignment or environmental factors. In case of a false alarm, users can typically disarm the system using their code or key fob. Regular maintenance and sensor calibration can help minimize false alarms.

The term Tri Tech is short for Tri Technology. It uses a combination of Passive Infrared, Microwave and advanced signal processing to trigger an alarm. Typically Tri Tech sensors are used to cover larger areas and for harsher environments. 

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Recent innovations in security technology have resulted in the creation of "pet immune" motion detectors-allowing dog and cat lovers to enjoy the same level of protection they would receive with a standard PIR. These state-of-the-art sensors provide "pet immunity" for animals weighing up to 100 lbs. Pet immune PIRs allow your pet to move about freely but can still detect an intruder’s movement. 

"Acoustic" glass break sensors, usually mounted on ceilings or walls, work by "listening" for the sound of breaking glass in a window. "Shock" glass break detectors are mounted on the window and "feel" the shock of breaking glass. This kind of advanced wireless technology can provide shatter and shock protection for your windows, for often intruders are "sensed" and an alarm sounded while they are still outdoors. This is often enough to send a burglar running!

A duress button is used to trigger either silent or sirens when pressed to alert authorities, neighbours or family members that the person who pressed it is in trouble or fear of their life.

Duress buttons are typically installed in a discrete location out of the way of children and in an accessible location. 

Since you own a smoke detector, you obviously realise what an important safety measure this device is.

That’s good. Smoke detectors are highly effective in preventing loss of life and property. However, there are differences between the "stand alone" or battery-operated smoke detector you would buy at your local hardware store and one installed as part of your home security system.

"Stand alone" detectors are not connected to other detectors or warning devices. A smoke detector connected to your security system offers more protection because it is monitored by a central station. If fire strikes, the detector sets off an alarm and sends a signal to the control panel. The control panel dials the central station, where the operator notifies the fire department. Only central station monitored smoke detectors provide automatic notification of authorities when you or your family are asleep, not at home or unable to get to the phone.

Users can also refer to the user manual or contact their installer for assistance.

Here is a link to our troubleshooting page for assistance with your Bosch 2000 alarm system.

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Battery backup is there for when your system loses the supply from the energy provider.

The backup battery should last at minimum 3 hours realistically. Most manufacturers state that it will last 7.5 hours but that would be under no load or very little connections. 

The standard AS2201.1 states that the battery should be changed at least once a year. If your panel doesn’t use the battery due to no power outages this is a good idea. If the battery is used more for prolonged periods than at the end of the event the battery should be changed. 

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Installation requirements may vary depending on the complexity of the setup and the premises. However, Bosch systems are designed to be relatively easy to install for professional installers, they are not a DIY security alarm system.

If you require professional installation CTC Communications can install your system for you Sydney Wide.

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Bosch typically provides a warranty for their security systems, covering defects in materials and workmanship. A 3 Year Warranty is offered on their products, which excluded labour installation.